Podiatry Malpractice Insurance Overview

Podiatry Malpractice Insurance New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Property & Casualty represents podiatry malpractice insurance markets providing coverage to podiatrists practicing in the following states:

Podiatry malpractice insurance coverage is available on an individual basis as well as for professional corporations, partnerships or other group entities.

Most podiatry malpractice insurance companies require a majority of the podiatrist shareholders, partners or employed practitioners to insure with the carrier to provide entity coverage.

Podiatry malpractice insurance premiums are based on policy limits, “surgical” and “ non-surgical” practices, practice territory and practice hours.

Various podiatry malpractice insurance policy limits are available in most states. However, Pennsylvania coverage requirements include policy limits of $500,000 each incident/$1,500,000 annual aggregate. Mcare fund coverage with limits of $500,000/$1,500,000 is also required.

Podiatry malpractice insurance policy discounts may apply based on date of completion of residency and/or preceptorship and prior claims history. Depending on the company, coverage may be provided on an “Occurrence, “Claims-made” or “Convertible Claims-made” policy form.

For podiatry malpractice insurance “policy form” details, please click the Frequently Asked Questions link below:

Of course, underwriting approval of a podiatry malpractice insurance application is required prior to the offering of coverage or the binding of a malpractice insurance contract.



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