Healthcare Facility Professional Liability Overview

PPC Coverage MapPittsburgh Property and Casualty represents malpractice markets providing coverage for most types of healthcare facilities including:

We offer professional liability insurance to facilities in New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The premium rating basis is specific to the professional services provided, out-patient visits or client contacts, professional staff size and the healthcare specialty of employed healthcare professionals.

Various policy limits are available and, depending on the insurance company offering coverage, professional liability may be provided on either an “Occurrence” or “Claims-made” policy form.

Due to the unique nature of each type of healthcare facility, the completion of an application is required prior to underwriting approval and/or premium quotation.

For “policy form” details, please click the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ Link.

Of course, underwriting approval of a malpractice application is required prior to the offering of coverage or the binding of an insurance contract.



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