Chiropractor Malpractice Insurance Overview


Chiropractor Malpractice Insurance Ohio, New Jersey, PennsylvaniaPittsburgh Property and Casualty represents chiropractor malpractice insurance markets providing coverage to chiropractors practicing in the following states:

Chiropractor malpractice insurance coverage is available on an individual basis as well as for professional corporations, partnerships or other group entities. 

Most chiropractor malpractice insurance companies require a majority of the chiropractor shareholders, partners or employed practitioners to insure with the carrier to provide entity coverage. 

Chiropractor malpractice insurance premiums are based on policy limits, practice territory and practice hours.

Various chiropractor malpractice insurance discounts may apply based on date of licensure/first practice start date, risk management and claims history.  Depending on the company, coverage may be provided on an “Occurrence, “Claims-made” or “Convertible Claims-made” policy form. 

For chiropractor malpractice insurance “policy form” details, please click the Frequently Asked Questions link below:

Of course, underwriting approval of a chiropractor malpractice insurance application is required prior to the offering of coverage or the binding of a malpractice insurance contract.

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